Recipe: Tasty Cockney triple fruit pie

Cockney triple fruit pie.

Cockney triple fruit pie You can have Cockney triple fruit pie using 4 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Cockney triple fruit pie

  1. It’s of Angel food cake just buy the box from Safeway make three layers.
  2. Prepare of Fresh fruit whatever is in season so it can be made year round.
  3. Prepare of I use a honey flavored yogurt you can use whatever flavor.
  4. You need of Almonds toasted.

Cockney triple fruit pie instructions

  1. To save writing down every step to make angel food cake just go buy a box when you make it cook it so that you have three layers the same size cook them in separate pans.
  2. I toast my almonds in a frying pan you may wish to keep yours raw or even change to a different nut.
  3. Take your fruit if it's fresh cut it off into small pieces if it's frozen defrost it.
  4. Add fruit yogurt and almonds together in a bowl.
  5. Take a piece of angel food cake cover it with yogurt then put the mixture of berries yogurt and nuts on top repeat every layer on the top at extra nuts berries and yogurt to taste.
  6. You may wish to add different things based on availability or taste. Now I'm a fairly new to this deal chef got the recipe for mom first time I've tried to make it so the picture is terrible yours will probably look a lot better enjoy.